We have exciting News. We have been working on our NEW SAVANNAH program. 💜

Our Profile

Top Savannah/Bengal Breeder in Liberty WV

We are a small cattery taking pride in producing beautiful well-socialized kittens that you can bring home and join your family. We are a closed cattery because we value the health of our cats. We are more than willing to meet you or do video chat so you can meet the kittens available at the time. We specialize in making sure our kittens experience everyday activities in a typical household atmosphere and interact with our dogs and other cat... Read more

Why Choose Us

Being a certified entity and having served many customers, we are here for you. We listen to you with a keen ear and offer you advice on the precise kitten you should take on if you’re not sure or have doubts. We will also advise you on pet upkeep. Because we breed and take care of the kittens until they have found their forever home, we are experts when it comes to raising healthy, happy kittens. Our kittens will have two vet visits with t... Read more

Professional Breeding You Can Trust

As caring, professional and reputable Savannah/Bengal breeder we follow recommended guidelines by TICA that ensure our kittens have loving temperaments – they simply can’t wait to meet their new owners! Our breeding kings and queens are genetic health tested with Optimal Selection and have annual vet visits. As a team, we are dedicated to doing our best for our cats/kittens and, of course, our customers as well.